See Liz. See Liz Run.

On my last trip to Boston, my favorite model (and girlfriend) and I made sure we put some extra time in our schedule to put in a little lens time. Not only had I been itching to get behind the lens but it seemed that our gorgeous Elizabeth was just as anxious to get back in front of it. Well, far be it for me to refuse an opportunity to squeeze off a frame or two.

Wanting to go in a different direction that some of our previous shoots, Liz suggested that we do a jogging theme. Not a bad suggestion at all, especially considering that I am pushing hard to add more material to my lifestyle portfolio. So, with her in her spandex shorts, purple top, and of course trusty iPod we set off toward the shore of the Charles River.

It was a great afternoon! I mean how can you beat spending a warm late summer evening in the park with your best girl? Oh, and we also snagged a few cool frames. Not bad if I do say so myself!


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